Monday, August 02, 2004

99 bottles of (root) beer on the wall!

Down to double digits!! Only 99 days to go! Travis has moved up. My belly is looking more like a little shelf. :)

He started SO low. So now he'll get higher only to drop again later! Funny huh?

He started to somersault today! It feels SO weird!

Tomorrow morning I go for the GD screening. Yucky!

Yawn... so tired... and I have heartburn from eating Mexican food for dinner. Actually, it feels like I gargled with hydrochloric acid. Smooth Dissolve TUMS are my friend!!!

We have bought SO much stuff for Travis already! Must. stay. away. from. eBay! We registered @ Target this weekend... but there's not a whole lot left that we need... just stuff we (I) want.

Still, it was fun scanning stuff with the scan gun. :)

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