Sunday, July 25, 2004

The bug!

We've got the baby shopping bug bad! We bought a bunch of cute outfits for Travis over the last few days... today we got a Carters sleep sack, blue with a puppy on it, a CUTE dinosaur outfit, and a footed one-piece with a small barnyard animal print all over. Also at Old Navy we bought a cute two pice outfit, and a blue onesie shirt.

Yesterday was so amazing! We've watched the video several times, once with my dad, once with Jeff's Grandma, and a couple of times while we were editing it for our DVD.

I can't believe how beautiful Travis is! We have a photo of him as our background on the computer. I'm getting so excited... it's actually feeling real, like it's going to happen!

I just can't wait! I must, however stop buying little boy outfits for now... we've spent over $150 this weekend on clothes alone! I can't resist!

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