Tuesday, June 29, 2004

It's a.....

BABY!!!! Well, I have a very active baby. One who turned breech about two minutes after he/she was perfectly positioned....

The Dr. says "maybe" a boy.... but not to go painting the nursery. And don't buy anything blue!

Because it could be a girl! (What he "thinks" he saw could be the umbilical cord pulled between the legs he says...) AAAK!

I hate his u/s equipment!! It's SO old, and everything's fuzzy as can be! We tried to watch the video at home that they gave us, and it's painfully out of focus and not at all obvious as t what we were seeing. A blobby thing that didn't exactly resemble a baby...

So, sigh... I'm no closer to knowing than I was this morning. But everything is healthy as can be! He or she is measuring right on for dates, there are 4 chambers of the heart, there are no hernias, there are 3 arteries on the umbilical cord, the femur length and head circumference are the right size, and the baby is producing urine. The baby is healthy. That's the most important thing.

We've made the appointment for the 4D Ultrasound for July 31st. When I called today to make the appointment, the lady was shocked and amazed that at 21 weeks, we couldn't find out. She asked if the legs were crossed... I told her.. no... we had a view of the baby as if he or she was sitting on glass... right up the diaper area... but because of 30 year old fuzzy technology, nada. She went on to tell me that the other day they did a 4D on someone due 12/25/04 (14 weeks along) and that it was "obvious" what the sex of the baby was.

So, here's to hoping!!! I shall keep you all posted!

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