Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Getting ready.

I've been feeling the baby move more and more forcefully. It's quite amazing. Mostly, the baby moves when I'm hungry or have just eaten, and when I'm laying on my side at night trying to go to sleep. Little stinker! I guess I better get used to it!! :)

I had PT yesterday, and towards the end, I was laying on the massage table while they were messing with my neck. I kept feeling this jumping in my lower abdomen. I think the baby had the hiccups! Ha!

We've bought quite a bit of stuff for the baby. Mostly toiletries, huge pack of diapers from Costco, a small package of newborn size that were on sale at the grocery store, diaper wipes, baby washcloths (the add water and dispose of them kind), nail clippers (with a super cool magnifying glass on them so we won't cut the baby's fingertips!), thermometer, pacifiers, a baby bath tub with a hammock type thing in it, a package of white Gerber onesies newborn size, and I bought some Avent bottles and a new Avent breastpump on eBay. Also, miscellaneous unisex sleepers, and outfits, and cute hats, and a few rattles, and socks. And of course, like 5 different stuffed elephants. (We're republican, dontchaknow?)

We bought these huge Rubbermaid tubs for the stuff and they are getting full. :)

It actually feels like it's going to happen!!!

Also, the past few days, I have had pain when I get up from a seated or laying down position. It's like my pelvis is beong pried open (duh... it is!!) and sometimes the pain radiates down my inner thighs and down into my groin and butt. It hurts SO much! Like I've been riding on a horse or something with my legs spread, and I'm sore in all the places a saddle would go. Awful. But, I suppose everything is gradually stretching out... so hopefully that means later on it won't be so bad. Hopefully!!

Can't wait til the 4D Ultrasound on the 31st!!!

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