Sunday, June 27, 2004


Sunday.... We just got back from Central Texan BBQ. Mmm... brisket. SO good, I feel drunk!

Jeff and I went to San Francisco yesterday. It was nice, except for the thousand gay flags lining the streets. Don't get me wrong... I have gay friends, and really have nothing against gays... but when a city PAYS to have those flags put up around for an ENTIRE month... but wouldn't do the same with American flags... not even for a week... well that just bugs me.

Anyway... I bought some more cute maternity stuff at Old Navy there, and we went to the record stores. We had lunch at our favorite Mexican place in the Haight, and walked around everywhere.

I've been feeling the baby moving the last few days. Not the tenative bubbles from the past few weeks, but definate poking feelings, in multiple areas. My ribs, lower pelvis, and side. It's damned amazing, and very cute!

I can't wait until Tuesday... that's when the big ultrasound is. Hopefully our baby will not be shy, and I can report the sex Wednesday!

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