Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I hate meeces to pieces!

Spam e-mail cracks me up from time to time. Really it does. I got an email today, the subject line was: "Mortgage loan quote for PO Box 3344" offering for me to refinance. My POST OFFICE BOX! I mean what the fuck? Ha!

Also, we've got mice. In our house. This is distressing, because every once in awhile I see one streaking across the floor. Yikes! What gives? I've never had mice before. We're clean people, save for a few dust bunnies on the parquet floors that are easily remidied with the Swiffer. We're renting a 50+ year old house, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

We bought those ultrasonic things that plug into the wall to repel them... yeah right. And some good old fashioned snap-traps. Yesterday alone, three met their untimely demise by traps, and one by Jeff smacking it with the broom.

Last week we realized the problem, when it was apparant that they were eating Mr. Kitty's treats located under the kitchen sink. He had his revenge... though... Mr. Kitty killed three of them last week. But, where the fuck are they coming from??!!!

Anyway... wish us luck on getting rid of the little buggers... they really suck!

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