Friday, June 04, 2004

17 week visit!

Went to my 17 week appointment yesterday. Everything is great!! Baby is measuring well, according to Doc's measuring tape fundus check. When the nurse went to check for the heartbeat, she started out way higher than I'd heard the baby. I gently told her I had a doppler at home, and I usually hear the baby lower in the right part of my pelvis.

Instead of getting all bitchyful, she directed the doppler to where I was touching. Within three seconds and mere centimeters from where I indicated, we were greeted with the galloping of my little one's heart!

She was impressed, and she told me so.

Also, since Dr. had initially reccommended against a doppler for home... (something about the alarm it causes when the heartbeat can't be found, and then women call his office all hysterical-like, and they have to reassure them...) I wanted to let him know we'd rented one anyway, and what a sanity-saver it's been. I wanted him to know that there was a good experience with a doppler at home. He said he was happy about that, and he was glad we'd gotten a real doppler instead of one of those glorified microphone-things you can get at Babies R Us.

The nurse drew blood for my AFP screening, and Doc said that if I don't hear from them in 10 days, it's all good. The nurse was SO fast and SO good at the draw... only took 1/2 a little vial - and today I have barely a pinprick to show for it.

When I had my original bloodwork draw for the first pregnancy I went to Unilab and the vampires took 5 1/2 vials of blood, and I had a massive bruise for 10 days... not to mention how dizzy I was for the remainder of the day. This time was nothing!

I made my appointment for the 20 (21 in my case) ultrasound for the end of this month on 6/29 in the morning. I hope hope hope we'll be able to find out whether we're having a girl or a boy!! Send uncrossed legs vibes my way!!

I don't want to be doomed to a gender-neutral layette filled with jaundiced yellow and green! :)

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