Monday, May 03, 2004

There you are flutterbean!

Flutterbean is great!! The ultrasound showed him/her moving all over the place.

The dr. said that the bleeding is most likely coming from my placenta and cervix. The placenta is right over my cervix right now, but he assured me that it's perfectly normal. He said "The baby doesn't seem to care!" Whew!

We were also concerned because we rented a doppler, and haven't yet been able to find the heartbeat. We tried and tried to find it last night to reassure us, but no avail. It's a combination of the placenta blocking the doppler waves to the baby and me being overweight.

But today, babykins was moving, bouncing, kicking away, waving to us. And the heartbeat was as clear as day on the u/s.

We were SO relieved!!!


I only wish we'd gotten a picture of the ultrasound. For some reason we didn't get one this time.

I Dunno

Whew. That was close. Hang in there little one!!!

Monkey 2

On that note, I just ate an entire avacado, sliced with salt and two hunt's banana cream pie pudding cups. Yum! How bizarre!
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