Tuesday, May 04, 2004

I heart you!

I found the baby's heartbeat this morning with the doppler! It was SO cool! Caught My Heart

I just had to call Jeff at work to tell him. I could tell he was tearing up. So sweet...

Today I'm off work. I nearly ripped my left thumbnail off doing dishes. I was pushing the sink stopper down with my thumb, and the button thing suddenly went all the way down, my thumbnail bent back about 1/2 past my fingertip. It started bleeding. OUCH! I have it bandaged up so I don't bump it on anything. It still hurts though. Thumbs Up

I just got back from the store, I am going to bake James a birthday cake. His b-day is today. A two layer Devil's Food cake with chocolate fudge frosting, with chocolate syrup and chopped Milk Chocolate Symphony bar in the middle layer, and the whole thing will be topped with Symphony bar shavings. It's going to be super yummy!

I'm listening to Jill Scott. I like her, she's a bit more urban than my tastes usualy run... but I really like her voice. Kinda like Alicia Keys and India Arie mixed together.

Anyway, oven's done preheating, gotta go start up my Kitchenaid mixer now!

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