Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Mangos... mmm.

I love my daddy! He brought me my favorite, dried mangos. MMM. Mangolicious. And pistachios. MMM. How did he know I've been craving sweet annd salty foods lately? I sent Jeff to Mc D's after work yesterday for some french fries. That's it, french fries. It's sad, huh?

On another note, my boobs are so sore, it hurts to not wear a bra. But wearing a bra at home bugs me. So what's the best solution?

To pout and whine and maybe they'll take pity on me and stop hurting.


On another another note, I despise "Representative" Charles Rangel. He's on Joe Scarborough, and even though the sound is way down, I just know lies are spewing forth from his hateful mouth. Ick. The one person I hate more than him is Susan Estridge. And her voice? Ohmygod, nails across a chalkboard sounds like an ariata in comparison. Democrats really piss me off!

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