Thursday, May 20, 2004


Because I'm feeling so incredibly lazy, I've found a site that will let me post photos for free. I know, I know... my husband owns a web company, and I have my images hosted with them, and my very own account with nifty FTP access... but then I have to code the entries so the pics show up each time, and size the pictures, and icky stuff like that.

So, in case you want to see what I look like, as well as my ever-expanding belly, go here:

Don't say I didn't warn you! :)

No, I am NOT having twins! Yes, I know that for a fact... three ultrasounds thus far can't be wrong.

I started out as "plus size" and since this is my 2nd pregnancy, even though I was only pregnant for a short time the first time, I was been told that I would "show" quite a bit quicker than most. Understatement of the year, although it makes me extraordinarily happy to see my tummy when I look down.

Plus, Jeff is always kissing on it and cuddling with it and cute stuff like that. :) He's such a sweetie!

There are a couple of pics of him as well. One of us together back in Dec. shortly after the miscarrage, and one of him holding our Godbaby Hailey at her 1st birthday a couple of weeks ago.

Also, the ubiquitous photos of her with icing all over her face! :) I just love her so much!! Hopefully I will be able to see her today... she had bronchitis earlier in the week. :(

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