Sunday, April 18, 2004

Oh... you mean that's abnormal?!

Jeff's Grandma has been complaining of not feeling well and having diarrhea for the past two weeks. We've tried and tried to make her go to the Dr. but she'd ignored us. She's a stubborn lady, of 71. She works for H & R Block during tax season... this being the busiest time of the year and all. She figured she'd just wait until it was over to seek medical attention.

Well, Friday morning, she finally went to an Urgent Care facilty. They promptly sent her to the ER. Although she kept insisting that it was nothing at all ... through the blood workups and the CT Scan... we knew it wasn't NOTHING. Well, we were right in our assumption. She had surgery yesterday for a perforated appendix. It burst over a week ago, and was happily seeping nastiness into her other organs. Silly lady! She had the surgery and is recovering at the hospital for a couple more days. They want to be sure all infections are cleared up and that she can eat and go to the bathroom on her own. They're witholding food and most water in case they have to go back in...

So all is going well. Jeff's two uncles are here for support. We invited them over for dinner and the Sopranos. We're having stuffed shells tonight. MMM.
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