Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Morphine is some wacky shit!

We went and saw Gramma in the hospital yesterday. The morphine has her talking all kinds of craziness. She must have asked us what day it was at least 10 times. We were only there an hour which is like, once every every 5 minutes. So that was pretty weird.

And she asked if we'd seen Jeff's two uncles and we said no we'd been working all day and hadn't seen or heard from them at all. Right after that she asked what we had for lunch, we told her Jack in the Box, and she said "Oh, that's where Steve and Ron ate, did you all have lunch together?" Cripes.

At least they were letting her drink water and juice and eat broth and

Jell-o-like stuff. She hadn't eaten or had much besides ice chips since Friday.

Then she started asking if her doctor taped her. Like video taped? Why on earth would he do that? And a buncha other weird stuff. She's all loopy. I know it's only a temporary situation, but it pains us to see her like that.

So, I think Jeff is just going to go by after work for a bit... I'm probably just going to skip it for today. They're probably keeping her 'til Friday by the looks of it. She still has drains in place so all the ickiness can come out, and they need to sew her incisions up, and make sure she can eat solids, and eliminate on her own.

God... I don't want to get old and have my body start betraying me....

Hopefully once this is all over, the next time we'll step into the hospital won't be till November when we have this baby.

I have my ob/gyn appt. on Thursday. I so hope everything is ok.... I think it is.... but hearing that heartbeat is going to make me feel a thousand times better!

Well, off to eat a peanut butter and spun clover honey sandwich now, and finish folding clothes, and downloading illicit music from the net. After that... a nap is in my future.
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