Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Mmmm... food!

I am making rosmary roasted chicken for dinner and garlic smashed potatoes... mmmm. I am also roasting some sweet potatoes for myself to eat later this week cause they're full 'o vitamins and good stuff.

I spent today out and about... cause honestly, I never made it out of the house last posting. The overwhelming nausea that washed over me made it scary to think about driving.

So, I went to Long's and Target and bought some Easter basket goodies, and cleaning stuff made by Method that's not harmful for me to use while preggo. And a much needed new toilet brush, cause the other one icked me out to even touch it. I think it came with the last house. I went to our local place, The Bagel Bakery and had a great Turkey, sprout, avacado, and tomato bagel sandwich on a superseed bagel for lunch. I went to Borders for a while and read baby books... I found this hilarious one, "You're Pregnant: A Guide for the Longest Nine Months of Your Life" by Kathryn Hammer I was reading it and laughing out loud... garnering strange bemused looks. Something about vanilla Haagen Daz being a very important source of calcium. And this: here Woah!! My house just started filling up with smoke.... had to go air it out... note to self... must self clean oven this weekend. Lasagna boilover on Sunday rendered my oven a smoke-machine. I did not cook last night due to a splitting headache so I had a yummy huge chicken salad from Jack-in-the-box instead for dinner.

I don't have to work til 2pm tomorrow, cause my co-worker is going to her niece's open house (her 1st one... Kindergarten... aww.) so I was nice and switched with her. No nap for me tomorrow afternoon. But I only have to work 4 1/2 hours instead of 6, so that's ok with me.

I am officially in my 8th week of pregnancy now. We told Jeff's Granmma the other day. He was talking to her about our taxes (she works @ H & R Block during tax season, so she's doing ours this year) She actually asked point blank. He couldn't lie. Not to Gramma. She was very happy, and understands why we didn't tell her right away this time.

Starving right now. MMM. The house smells so good! I have to go find something appropriate to snack on.... bye bye.
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