Monday, April 26, 2004

Funny, I though life was a right.

All this crap that's been splashed across the headlines this weekend and today is literally making me ill.

What I'm talking about is the so-called "March for Women's Lives" and their "Right to have an Abortion" Um, oxymoron? What "women's lives"? certainly not the unborn women.

I myself have never heard of a woman that died because she was not "allowed" to have an abortion.

I have, however, heard of cases where women developed severe life-threatening infections stemming from having an abortion. Also, even the "abortion pill" is questionable in that last year a young woman died after from severe hemmoraging taking this supposedly "safe" drug.

What's with the Medical Students for Choice and their "We are tomorrow's abortion providers" signs? I mean, is that something to actually be proud of? I highly doubt that if you asked any of these twits years from now what they do for a living, that they'd pipe up "I perform abortions for a living and I'm damned proud of it!" They would more than likely give you a convoluted answer such as "I'm a women's health provider", or some such nonsense.

Also, what the media doesn't show are the downright stupid and sometimes evil signs people were carrying... like "Viva la Vulva", "Barbara (Bush) chose poorly", "Keep your gospel out of my vagina", "Keep your rosaries off my ovaries", "I am not a damn incubator" and my personal favorite: "The only Bush I trust is my own"

Ok, so don't get pregnant then. Also, no one ever brings up the rights (or lack of rights) the father of the child has. I mean, if you have the baby, he is financially responsible for that child until he or she is 18. But if you want an abortion. No problem! He isn't even considered. Meaning if I wanted to, I could go today and without my husband's knowlege or consent, abort his unborn baby. That's just great. Because it's my "RIGHT." and "My body." Not his. Give me a freaking break. And these Planned Parenthood people want the same thing for the underage girls of America. Yup, they can't even give her an Advil in school without your permission, and missy, don't even try to get your ears pierced at the mall without your parent present, but they want to let your 14 year old daughter get an abortion without you so much as having a clue. AAK!

Good god, the contraceptive choices our generation has access to are mind boggling. We have: male condoms, female condoms, film, foam, the sponge, diaphragms, cervical cap, the pill, the patch, the ring, IUDs, Depo shots, Norplant, and not to mention good old Natural Family Planning, withdrawal method, and of course, abstinance!

If you ask me there are plenty of "choices" available, none of which involve aborting a child. Adoption, anyone?

I had a girlfriend in high school who was raped by her mother's boyfriend when she was 14. She got pregnant. She had the baby and placed him with a lovely couple for adoption. She told me why she didn't have an abortion, even though her mother wanted her to.

She said, "Christine, I couldn't live with myself knowing I did that. That baby boy did nothing wrong. Just because the way he was conceived was an ugly thing, it doesn't make him any less a beautiful human being. I would keep him, if the memory of what happened to me didn't spring to mind each time I saw his face."

She has since gotten married to a wonderful man and has three young children.

No one is trying to make abortion illegal anyhow. Because in Roe V. Wade, at the time, the Supreme Court didn't have the balls to set limits on when abortions could be performed, it is now necessery to put limitations on late-term abortions. You cannot now wait until the 2nd or 3rd trimester and hem and haw about what to do, and then go terminate a pregnancy. There is no question that there is a viable baby in there.

I mean, I am 12 weeks pregnant right now. The baby is fully formed, has brain waves, and a heartbeat, and is moving all around.

It never ceases to amaze me when I watch these health programs about premature babies, or multiples born at 4 or 5 months. They are tiny, yes, they are helpless, but they are fully formed with the exception underdeveloped lungs, but other than that they can survive.

And guess what? The doctors do everything in their power to make sure they survive. They place them in the NICU, and take care of them.

How then, can any doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath and swears to


and to "PROCEED WITH DUE HUMANITY TOWARDS EVERYONE" how, can they then abort these same tiny beings?

This of course, is just my opinion... but I don't know what I'm talking about.... I was born to a barely 18 year old mother, who had a friend offer to pay for an abortion for her to "get rid" of me because I was "unwanted" and "unplanned" and altogether an "inconvienience" At least she had sense enough not to take her 'friend' up on that offer. After all, I'm having her grandchild in November.

PS: One of my liberal "pro-choice" friends is being induced today. Her pregnancy was completely unplanned, and she and boyfriend had only dated for about 1 1/2 months when she got pregnant. Now they are going to get married, and her baby boy Gabriel Anthony will be born today. I guess she made the right "choice."
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