Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Yawn. Why am I so freaking sleepy??? I got the requistite evening nap, albeit a shorter version than what I've become accustomed to. I slept for over 8 hours last night. Weird dreams abounded! SO why do I feel as if I could sleep for another 8?


I saw my friend Jen at the Post Office yesterday. I used to be her boss at the Travel Agency we owned. We have gone on trips together (and got lost in the middle of Nevada), had lunch together millions of times (her fave: Reuben sandwich on rye... ick!), and shared innumerable life stories together. I was there at her and her girlfriend's 1st date back in 2000, and they have been together ever since. We all went to El Torito that evening 4/20/2000. Actually Jen and I went after work for happy hour and proceeded to get sloshed for some hours waiting for Duch to get off work. When she finally arrived, happpy hour had passed, and we each had a shot of Jose and a Corona that added up to more than Jen and I had spent in the previous 4 hours on drinks AND appetizers. We all sat around and shot the breeze for a bit longer watching the sun set over the bay. It was nice, and I felt special to have been included in their romantic interduction.

Anyway... we ran into Jen and Duch in November - early in my last pregnancy. We shared the happy news, and Jen's jaw dropped, along with her keys... she always goes over the top for effect... :)

Well, we hadn't seen either one of them in several months. So when Jeff pointed out that he saw her in line yesterday, I was reluctant to go over to her. Because she didn't know.

Nevertheless I gathered up the courage and walked up to her, hugged her... and she immediately said "Why do you have that look on your face?" (gotta love her cause she's a straight shooter!) I told her I m/c in Dec. And I saw her face fall. But then immediately told her I was pregnant agin, and she lit up like a Christmas tree. I guess I didn't realze how hard telling the very last person would be. Especially someone whom I used to be so very close with.

I mean, I know SO many things about her and her family. Her brother died from AIDS at a young age, her excapades (in glorious technicolor) with many, many people of both persuasions, her drug dealing past, her dad working for the CIA, etc. I've always told her if she ever needes a biographer, to let me know. Some people have the most facinating lives. I know she embellishes here and there for my benefit (and hers) but I believe most everything she talked about.

Anyway... not really sure what the gist of this entry is... so I guess I'll get dressed and take a drive now.

Tonight we're going to see Sean Hannity in San Jose. We saw him at the Commonwealth Club last year, and it was cool. We met him, snapped a photo, and had our book signed. We all looked fat in that picture. Hopefully this one will be post-worthy.
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