Sunday, June 28, 2009

Housewife? Ha!

Well, obviously I am slacking at this whole blogging thing... life is too busy yet reasonably mundane. Nothing terribly exciting, I suppose. Day-to-day tasks... shuttling Travis the 30-some miles (one-way)to daycamp 3 days a week leaving by 9:15 to make it by 10:00... taking A to the mommy-and-me baby shopping, coffee, etc. Home by 3 or 4 those days. Sometimes they nap on the way home.

Weekends are family time, trips to the amusement parks, etc. Spending way too much money eating out - you know - normal stuff.

Ashley is running full-bore into terrible twos mode... and the crazy screaming thing she started doing seriously drives me... well... crazy!

She also climbs things. The dining room table, for instance, on top of the computer desk. This morning I found her sitting in the planter outside pulling up my herbs.

Lately, play dough for 5-10 minutes 4ish times a day safely strapped in her high chair (kinda) is the only way I can get ANY little tasks done... lunch made, dishwasher unloaded, etc.

And, so...the to-do-list never gets any smaller.

Laundry never gets fully done. Washed, yes, most times. Sorted, folded? Sigh... I need a better system.... ANY system. Chores? Mimimally surface-scratched done. I pick and choose battles. Triage the worst things, ignore the rest as long as possible. The bathrooms get cleaned often... we always seem to have dishes in the sink and a full load running in the dishwasher. The van is always cluttered, and needs a both wash, and a servicing, but that's a story for another paycheck.

I am a FlyLady drop-out many times over.

But I made a kick-ass coffee cake for breakfast this morning. Laundry is going...And I will shower today... so that it automatically a win for today, right?
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Anne said...

I know what you mean about "terrible twos". J's smack in the middle, with massive tantrums, "drama prince" moments and climbing/getting into everything. The tantruming is what's driving us all crazy. Makes me not want to go anywhere with him for fear of him being disruptive. *sigh* My daughter went through that stage and we stayed home until her behavior improved. Probably gonna do the same with him. Just call me "home Bound Mama". ;-)

Nellie said...

PUHLEEZE! The way you cook and bake?!? FlyLady bows down to you.
I feel ya on the laundry. It's the running joke around here. I feel bad because John often looks like a 4th grader...wrinkled and disheveled! ;0)