Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fall Back...

My kids? They will be the death of me. Seriously. 7:00am waking, no nap having little urchins. Daylight savings can kiss my ass!

Besides that, we had a good day today. We went to the member's preview of the opening of the new Children's Museum. We had a nice lunch at the park... Picked some stuff up at Trader Joe's, and stopped by our storage to get the high chair and BOB Jogger for Ashley.

We were planning on giving the baby her first solids tonight... which has previously been delayed due to teething, and excessive crankinessm, and....
Well, she will have those sweet potatoes that are in the freezer another day (hopefully) this week.

Honestly? I don't really care. I am so not stressing on it. She is only a tiny bit over 15 pounds at barely 7 months... and breastmilk is the best thing for her. I did pick up some bulk hulled millet from Whole Paycheck to make into cereal for her...

The thing I am stressing on? Her insistence on standing. Already. Oh, and then letting go of her support... and repeatedly falling on her head. Thank goodness I caught her today as she launched herself backwards towards the tile floor. Yeah, let's try and avoid brain damage, ok, little girl?
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