Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Child Syndrome...

Poor Ashley... she's definitely our second kid. Not only is it never quiet around here...in-utero she was treated to the soothing sounds of me constantly yelling at her brother.

"Travis, be careful" "Travis stop that!" "Travis listen to me!" "TRAVIS! TIME! OUT!!!"

By contrast, Travis luxuriated in the gestational soundtrack of classical music and calming voices since I worked in a medical office the entire time I was pregnant with him.

Beyond that, it occurred to me that gotten very few new toys.

She's got Travis' old "Giggle Ball" aka "Baby Anvil 2000" and various jingly/dangly toys for her play gym (which was also T's) and some stuffed rattle things.

In the last few days we have handed Ashley the following "non-toy" things to play with (while supervised, of course):

A plastic hanger (which she played with for about 15 minutes laying on our bed while we started packing the master bedroom)

A Seal CD (out of the case) (no sharp edges, shiny, lightweight, rainbow-y)

Just now as I was typing this entry, an Altoids gum tin (still wrapped in its packaging) she happily shook it, and whacked it on the desk, making all kinds of joyful noise. Good times! :)

Paper towels & their empty rolls
One of Ashley's favorite things to do when we are eating is to wave a crumpled paper towel around, and smack it everywhere. We let her keep it until she tries to eat it.

As much as all of the above are highly entertaining, when I am next at Target, I'll most likely find something new for her to play with... but pretty much anything there is made-in-China crappy plastic. Ugh.
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Texasbelle said...

i love the non-toys that become toys. almost more than they do! Now get your ASS packing! sheezus!

Rachael said...

Pill bottles were always my favorite toys. "Here's some Prozac for ya Keats!". I love toys made in china, they feel so safe :)