Monday, July 07, 2008

Le Weekend...

We had nice weekend... I have always loved the 4th of July. We went to the parade in downtown with my dad, and ended up meeting up with Jeff's Grandma, and his Uncle Ron who was visiting from LA. Then, we went to Mexican for lunch with my dad. We came back home, and cleaned up bit. My bathroom needed mopping, and deep-cleaning before it was suitable for company-viewing.

Around 5:00, our friends James & Michelle came over. We had beers and visited. Then, Jeff's Grandma and Uncle Ron came over. We all hung out together for awhile, and then James & Mish left for a BBQ. The rest of us went to dinner at a little restaurant down the street. It was okay...not my first choice, but Jeff's Grandma picked - and paid - so can't complain too much.

We walked down to the beach to watch the fireworks, which, just like every year, were awesome. Even Ashley watched them without crying. Then we all came back home and waited for the traffic to clear out so Jeff's Grandma & Uncle could drive back to Marina.

Then we stayed up for a bit, and finally went to be at around 1:00am.

Saturday we got up, and left for donuts and coffee, and took a drive to Salinas to look at houses. we drove around, and looked at neighborhoods, and specific houses that are on our list. We are strongly considering the possibility of buying a house there, because the prices have come way down in the last year - year and a half. Like, houses that were $600k 2-3 years ago, are on the market for the low to mid $300k range. Newer 4 bedroom houses... not old, falling apart houses like we'd get here for more $$. And, we really need the tax benefits of owning. With Jeff being self-employed, we are getting killed each year with taxes. So, we're going to try and swing it.

Yesterday, we went out to Denny's with my dad, and went to San Jose. The boys went to Raging Waters, and Ashley and I went to the mall. I got slightly turned around on my way to pic the guys up at Raging Waters, so Jeff had to talk me through directions on re-orienting myself. I swear, I get lost all the time. Then we dropped my dad off. Travis was knocked out for the night... so we watched The Departed and the first new episode of Weeds.

Anyway... that be it... I really hope we can make this house thing work.... the lender guy thinks we will get pre-approved no problem, so crossing fingers... I am addicted to right now... it's like crack for house-hunters.
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