Thursday, June 19, 2008

Potty time!

Woohoo! The Boy is actually napping!! I was able to get a short nap in, myself. 30 minutes, enough to feel refreshed-ish. It was cut short by my cell phone ringing, but what are ya gonna do?

We ran out of diapers for Travis this morning. I am debating not buying any more. We have a bunch of Pull-ups and Easy-ups. I really want Travis to use the potty. He is really not into it. I mean, he would sit in there and read books before, and he's even peed in there a few times.

Lately, though, whenever it's mentioned that he go sit on the potty, he freaks out.

He screams, cries, and flat-out refuses. "I CAN'T sit on the potty! I need to change my diaper!"

Sooo... we've taken to pointing out which of his friends use the potty (nearly all of them, on at least a part-time basis) - including one friend who just turned 3.

While we were at the park today, said friend used the potty 3 times. He (and his mom) were really good sports, and allowed Travis to go into the stall with him while he sat. Travis was a great cheerleader...

"Yeah! You did it!" With high-fives, and enthusiasm abounding. Afterward, Travis said he would use the potty "soon" too. But, when we got home, Travis pooped, without warning in his diaper. I put him in a Pull-Up, he whined, "No Pull-ups, I need a diaper. No potty!" I told him we didn't have any diapers, and he needed to wear a Pull-up. The kid tried to take it off. I told him if he took it off he had to go sit on the potty. He didn't listen, and I had to threaten a time-out if he didn't leave it on.

I made him a sticker chart, like we had when he started to sleep in his bed. I found some Go Diego, Go! clip art, and made him a custom Potty Chart, with his name on it, and everything. You think it was greeted with enthusiasm as I taped it to his bedroom door yesterday morning? Ha!

Sigh. So, I'm thinking of going the training underwear route. During the day, when we're at home, at least. All or nothing? Maybe that's what it's going to take with this kid.

Ironically, in the typing of this blog, Ashley had the biggest diaper blowout to date... necessitating a full outfit change (for her) and half a package of wipes to clean up the resulting mess. So, yeah. It's time, people... it's time!
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Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I've been lurking for a really long time as my son is close in age to Travis (he turned 3 at the end of May). I also have a daughter (born in November). Another similarity is our extended breastfeeding. I nursed my son until just recently. I am amazed I made it 3 years with him and hope I can with my little girl as well!
I just wanted to offer up the technique I used with my son for potty training and you can do with it what you will. I personally loathe unsolicited advice and hope you aren't offended, in which case I apologise in advance. But when I started getting my son to use the potty (I think he was 19 months at the time) we just let him run around without underwear all day. There were many accidents in the beginning, don't get me wrong, but he wasn't liking the pee splashing on his feet when he peed, so he'd run to the potty to avoid that. It seriously worked wonders with us. Levon has been day trained since his 2nd birthday and I truly think this aspect of potty training really helped him. He did have a small potty that sat on the floor for just his use and only since he was 2 and a half has he been using the "big boy toilet." Good luck. I truly empathise with you as I was a daycare provider and we had a 3 year old who wasn't potty trained and it was difficult...not only the changing of the diaper, but the lifting!!! Good luck!! I love reading your blog btw!!
Julie in Canada

LPS said...

After talking with family yesterday who have twins about ashley's age - they were discussing the "diaper blow out" and instead of using the wipes they just stick them in the tub or the kitchen sink and wash them off, because its too overwhelming otherwise.

Good luck!!