Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eh, okay...

Saturday, for some inexplicable reason, Travis barfed in the parking lot of trader Joes. I thought it was because I kinda tossed him over my shoulder - compressing his tummy while getting him in the cart. Everything was okay, until some hours later, when we met the in-laws in San Jose for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Travis kept saying he had a tummy ache and didn't feel very good. Jeff rushed him outside a few times, just in case he puked again... nothing. Then took him into the bathroom the following time... because we were kinda convinced it was some sort of ploy to go outside, when daddy really just wanted to drink his margarita in peace.

Still, he wasn't acting himself... and he told me again he didn't feel well. I admit, I didn't jump up, cause well... it's sort of impossible for me to jump up right now.... and I was thinking this was just his way of being a pain while we waited for dinner. No such luck.

Thankfully, we had a folded-up sweatshirt with us... and I was able to catch the offending fluids - coupled with the fact that the Cheesecake Factory has really tall booths... anyway, the people around us were oblivious to the fact that my kid was puking. Ugh.

So.... we finished with dinner, and said goodbye to the il's... we went to the Apple Store so I could get a desperately-needed new case for my poor scratched up iPod... and drove the hour home.

Everything was quiet from the backseat... he fell asleep... but 5 or so miles from home, the poor kid puked again all over himself - and his carseat, while he was sleeping. We pulled over, cleaned him up as best we could, and went home.

After getting home, Jeff pulled out his carseat... which really needed to be cleaned... and the poor boy dry heaved all night.

Sunday, we had quite a few watery-barfing moments, but for the most part he was okay... Monday morning, he didn't listen to me.... and drank water too fast, causing it to come back up all over my couch, carpets, twice.

I think he's totally better now... no puking yesterday... despite eating fairly normally...

I - on the other hand have had stomach cramps since last night, and frequent visits to the bathroom to do something other than peeing throughout the night and this morning. No barfing, so crossing fingers! Hopefully, it's just a coincidence... cause damn.... we JUST went through all this crap a few weeks ago (no pun intended!)
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