Friday, November 02, 2007

Long day....

I was stricken with insomnia this morning. At 3:00 am. Yeah. Lovely, no? I was on a streak, too. See what happens when you get cocky? Hormones kick your ass awake.

So, I got up, peed. Drank a glass of milk. Cause I had the heartburn, and I was STARVING. So, that helped on both fronts. I checked my blogs, I went on Ravelry. I did a tiny bit of digi-scrapping, I knit. I went back to bed around 6:30.... which was when Jeff was going to work. Travis was all cuddly and warm, and we snuggled until nearly 10:00am.

We got up, I showered, he watched a bit of TV. The damn Doodlebops were on Playhouse Disney, they kept him busy so I could shower, and take care of some serious.... eh hem, landscaping issues while I was in the shower.

All was well and good, until the effing Doodlebops were OVER and Travis was absolutely was devastated that he couldn't re-watch it. He was watching tv in our room, which is Tivo-less. Plus, I HATE that freaking show! So, we don't Tivo it, anyway. The child threw the biggest effing tantrum because of some stupid-ass gay clowns.

Yeah. Then he wanted to go to Starbucks, but not get dressed to actually LEAVE the house.

So, he eats breakfast, at nearly 11:30, and then we FINALLY leave the house about an hour later. We hit Starbucks. He wants a cookie. Okay. Here ya go. Gaudy leaf decorated with bright-ass-fake-colored icing cookie. He loves it. We go to leave, and he wants me to carry his ass across the parking lot to the bookstore. I am talking ACROSS the parking lot. THE ENTIRE THING! I was like. No, you are pushing 45 pounds, and I am 4 1/2 months pregnant. We are driving to the bookstore! Freakout #2 ensues.

Then we go to the bookstore. He's fine throughout, because I read him several hundred stories. He craps his pants, and flips out because I have to change him on the changing table in the bathroom. I talk him down from that meltdown.... we go back to reading. Everything is fine. Until....I take a kid's book with us around the corner to the knitting section, then he loses his marbles. He screams, yells, kicks, because I won't let him go back to the kid section unsupervised. We leave. Immediately. He freaks out because he wanted the book. Guess which one it was? The effing Doodlebops.


I cannot win,I tell you.
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Laura McIntyre said...

LOL Yes terrible twos are fun are't they? . I hate just about all kid shows on principle, but there great distractions