Friday, July 06, 2007

Mystery Stole 3

Mystery Stole 3, originally uploaded by tjsmommabear.

How I have been spending my evenings. Slow. Slow, slow. First lace project, first knit-along, first time using beads. Such a virgin! :)

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hollibobolli said...

WOW!! It's beautiful!! I remember when you were using the thing that knitted for you! Now you're doing lace? That is so cool - you are so talented. I just commented on another knitter's blog (life in the zu) about how much I wish I could knit.


Hugs to you.

I need to respond to your comment. I've just been running in circles lately. I try to respond to everyone on the blog now - but packing, moving and everything else is just throwing me for a loop!

Anne said...

wow, hon! again, beautiful beautiful work! YAY!