Thursday, July 12, 2007

Insomnia, not sucking, and stuck in neutral.

YAWN!!!! Insomnia kicked my ass this morning. Big time!! I have been up since 4:15. Not just awake but UP! I didn't feel like taking on my lace project that early..... so instead I did something productive, and quiet. I am doing some data-entry consulting for one on Jeff's clients.... and I did about 2 hours of billable work! Wooohoo!

Hopefully with the $$ from that, and the b-day $ my dad usually kicks down.... hopefully I will be on my way to the Canon SLR camera
that I have been lusting after... and some of you lucky beotches have! Cause I got serious camera envy over here! I can take some great pictures with my Canon point-n-shoot.... don't get me wrong. But, I have a feeling, once I get my hands on that baby, the skies will open up, and SING ~ cause I am such a dork like that. Ehhh, it'll most likely be a good long while before I can upgrade, but that's okay.... Cause guess what? NOIAMNOTPREGNANTYET! But, I bought a crapload of Ovulation tests this month, and damn it! I want to be knocked up by the time I'm 30, and that's in oh..... 29 days! LOL! ;)

Anyway... back to what I was talking's my car. Um, it's not working so well. Nope. Once we got back from the triple digit temps in the bay area over the weekend, it started acting all funny like. Ya know. Like, um, not acting like it was in gear. As soon as we pulled back into town. It started acting like it was stuck in neutral. And, that usually spells Tran$mi$$ion. Like, yeah. On my 2001 Dodge Neon, with 90,000 miles....with a Blue Book of, like a buck fiddy. So, we're having the mechanic look at it, and it's either the transmission, or the head gasket. Oh, and I need new front brakes, stat. Um, and tires. FUCK! So, we wait while they test shit out to see if it's even worth fixing.

As much as we don't really want another car payment.... it may be unavoidable. Plus, we really need to get a bigger vehicle before we have another little one anyway. I guess we play wait and see. Grr.

But, my consolation prize? I don't suck! Uh.... erm, well, at least not much! ;)

YAY! Thanks Leslie!!
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1 comment:

Anne said...

man! you don't suck!! and i think you are taking some great pics with the camera you have but i hope you can upgrade one of these days.( i want to do that too!) The new xti pretty well surpasses my old timey rebel.

Sorry about the car troubles. Those are such BS.