Monday, April 23, 2007

Bucket 'o cervezas!

Bucket 'o cervezas!, originally uploaded by tjsmommabear.

We are having a great time in PV!!!

Beer, margaritas, great food, and beautiful scenery!

Travis and my MIL were involved in a collision (with each other) while we were walking down the Malecon yesterday afternoon. He got right under her feet while she was walking, and she tripped over him and they both fell. He's fine, except he's road-rashed on his knees, and quite a bit more on his forehead.

She, on the other hand... fell hard. On her... well... other hand. She sprained her wrist... and hopefully feels a lot better today than yesterday.

I, of course... was uber-prepared. LOL. I had a first aid kit on me... and everyone was anti-bacterialized, and bandaged... and we were on our way again.

The running joke is "No mas tequila para Travis!"

Travis is taking arnica, (see? prepared! I told you!)and he already looks a lot better than yesterday.

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Allie said...

me = jealous

Anne said...

all right! Love the picture! Keep on having a great time!