Friday, April 20, 2007

Almost there!

Well.... bags are packed... almost everything... save for the few travel-sized conveniences we need to pick up on our way out of town tonight.

So.... as nothing can go smoothly....

The toilet overflowed today.... damned flapper thingie... causing water to go all over my newly cleaned bathroom floor.... requiring copious amounts of (clean) towels to sop up the (cleanish) liquid... unlike last time. So, MORE laundry had to be done today.... WOOHOO!

And, guess what else?? My expensive bathmats from Macy's got soaking wet, too... and apparently they are FLAMMABLE! WTF??! Thank goodness I read the washing instructions before nonchalantly tossing them into the DRYER for fuck's sake! I could have burned the building down. So, instead, I hung them over the towel rack, and hopehopehope they dry instead of mildew. Ugh.

The portable DVD player... which has journeyed out of the house just ONCE since we bought it has mysteriously lost the specialty power cord - rendering it completely useless for our trip. Yup. So, we have to stop over at Circuit City to purchase another player only to return it when we get back. And then, sometime in the near future.... locate a replacement powercord from e*Bay.

Eh hem.

Last night I finished the Fireman's Hat for Travis. It still needs to be felted, as right now... it's so freaking big it would fit a Yeti! Even though I thought I would run out of yarn, I had enough to finish! Yay!

So, yeah... this time tomorrow afternoon... I hope to, in Anne's words be swimming in tacos and margaritas! Ole!!

You KNOW you're jealous! ;)
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