Thursday, March 01, 2007

When it rains.....

It really pours around here....

Back to yesterday... with my lofty goals of, laundry, house straightening, coffee, and showering. Well, I got some laundry done. And that is IT!

Yup. No shower for me.... no Cinnamon Dulce. Nope.

In fact, I STILL have not showered. Hopefully, that situation will be remedied shortly. Although Jeff DID bring me a latte - so at least there's that.

We were SUPPOSED to go out with our new Mom's Group "Mamas on the Move!" to a walk on the hilly beach today. But, it's not happening.

I was really, really looking forward to our walk today. We haven't gone anywhere in over a week...

Because.... when it rains, it really pours!

My child was at his whiniest, clingiest, most unreasonable self all day yesterday. It wasn't until noon that I realized he wasn't being a pain in my arse just for the hell of it.... he wasn't feeling well. He wouldn't nap for more than 10 minutes all day.... he got himself worked up in tears over the smallest things. He wouldn't eat anything. So, I did what any good mom would do.... I went through the Mc D's drive through and got him a Happy Meal with "uggabuggah, freh-fries, and TOY!" (Travis-speak for cheeseburger Happy Meal.)

By the time Jeff got home, he started feeling really warm. We doped him up with Tylenol....

Travis was up with a 103 degree temperature in the middle of the night... and I really have no idea what it is. I called the emergency ped on call.... she said not to worry unless it got to 105. He's miserable, and I'm keeping him doped up on the Tylenol to keep his fever down. I think, it's either the tail-end of this cold (he still has a VERY slight cough) or a fever related to all four of his 2-year molars coming in. Because.... we haven't been anywhere for him to "pick up" anything else.

So, if you need me.... I'll be the greasy-haired-broken-out-crazy-lady who is trying to nurse a sobbing toddler and knit one of these at the same time.

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