Friday, March 02, 2007

Rx for what ails ya.

My baby has bronchitis! :(

I took him in this afternoon... and we've got to give him amoxicillin for the nest 10 days. 2 times a day!!! Like. Um, yeah. You wanna come over and help me sit on the=is crazy strong 30-some-pound flailing child?

Oh. Didn't think so.

I did, however.... get to go out for a couple of hours. The Mamas On the Move went out for drinks. It was nice. And SOOOOO needed.



I showered! :)

AND put on a clean shirt, make-up, and a necklace.

Okay, it's a nursing necklace, but still super-cute.


I actually made the Potato Chip Scarf... but still in the process of binding off the 700-some-odd stitches. Damn!
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Anne said...

*hugz* I'd come help...but I don't need my two coming down with ANOTHER cold! ;-) Don't you just HATE cold and flu season???

Anne said...

poor bronchitis babe! what the freak is a nursing necklace? im so jealous you got to get out; I'm going to be missing the nest mothersdayout shindig. zzZZZzz