Saturday, March 17, 2007


That Rachael.... she is a smelly whore! Oh, and she beats her kids! Oh, and um.....

Oh, my GAWD I am SOOOOO kidding!!! ;) We LOVED hanging out with her and the boys!!! It was awesome! And so is she.... I was really nervous at first... cause you know.... that's how I ROLL! Plus, I thought she'd be all like.... "Um, where the hell did you get that ugly piece of fabric.... and why do you insist on wearing your kid in it?" And "Um... have you plucked your eyebrows, in like 3 years?!" Or... "Oh. My. GAWD! Couldn't you wear some concealer on that ZIT??!" But, no, she was amazingly cool.... despite her Rockstar blog and Flickr status! LOL!

So, yeah..... we seriously had the BEST time hanging out with Rachael and her boys!! I was amazed at how alike we are. I mean. Really.

We both talk mad crazy crap about people (Yeah, you! Just kidding!!) Also, we both love Samoas, and Watermelon bubblegum, South Park, and about a zillion other things. We talked about motherhood, the best jeans for beating the dreaded mommy "muffin-top", our husbands' affinity for eschewing their dental hygiene.... sex, and oh, like a million zillion other things. So, yeah! Rock on! Really.... we just got along as if we'd known each other for a really long time.

I am so bummed to have them live so far away.... but the offer still stands for her to come here and visit!! :)

The boys had a great time running all over and macking on the ladies! Playground Pimps, indeed! LOL!

We also met up and had lunch at Chipotle, and then took the boys to Borders where they took over the kid's section. I mean, they made that shit their OWN! Taking books off the spinny-shelves, and looking at books... trying to unwrap puzzles. Oh yeah! FUN! Plus, Travi & Gavi are both obsessed with numbers and letters, so it was fun to watch them pointing them all out! :)

Anyway.... I was really sad to have to go back home.... except for the fact that Travis had been King of the Crankies all week without Daddy. So, Rachael.... you are totally Travis' internet Auntie.... and anytime you're in Cali.... you got my number! :)
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