Monday, March 26, 2007

Averting Dinner Disasters? We'll see....

Although I love to cook.... I have a BIG problem. Well, he's 3 feet some-odd-inches tall.... and HATES it when I have to be in the kitchen with the gate closed for ANY amount of time.

Sigh. So, since Jeff often gets home late.... dinners are most-often prepared with a screaming child hanging on the gate and wailing non-stop:"Open! Open! 'ichen! (kitchen) OOOOPPPPEEEN! MOMMY HUGS!"

No amount of TV, Play-doh, or anything else will Make. IT. STOP!

Fun times, I tell you! :) So, I decided to try the new Robin Miller book out.... and shop for the specific recipes.... (although I bought my copy at Costco for $11.95)

She bugs the HELL out of me on tv.... but I watch her show anyway...

Anyway.... I used Travis' nap yesterday (and Jeff was home!) to cook up a big batch of Tangy Tomato Ragout which gets "Morphed" for a couple of different recipes
this week. I also prepped the Broccoli Puree with Parmaesan, for tonight. So, ahead of the game? We'll see.... My goal is to minimize the amount of time I have to spend in the kitchen while home alone with a very PISSED OFF toddler!

Anyway.... here's the menu for this week....

Sunday (last night)

~Grilled Chicken tenders with Tangy Tomato Ragout, and melted swiss
~Pasta with more of the sauce
~Blue Lake Greenbeans sauteed in garlic, butter, and olive oil (not really a recipe, but I like to make them this way!)

Monday (tonight)

~Pan-seared pork chops with tomato chutney (the Ragout gets reduced, additional herbs, spices, and chopped dried fruit added to make the chutney)
~Potato Broccoli Puree with Parmesan (already made, just needs re-heating)

~Shepherd's Pie with cheddar-spiked mashed potatoes

(I'll make these the night of, most likely.... I ran out of diced tomatoes yesterday, and could NOT find frozen pearl onions at the stores on Friday.)

I will chop the carrots sometime today....

Wednesday: Home-made Pizza (using Trader Joes fresh pizza dough... and assorted toppings....)

Thursday (Jeff's Birthday!)

Bolognese over fusilli (using/modifying the tomato ragout from earlier in the week.)
Salad.... and most likely go to Baskin Robbins for dessert.

So, yeah... there's the menu for the week.
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hollibobolli said...

YUM!!! This all sounded SO GOOD. I wasn't really hungry before (I'm trying to get off this food craze I've been on) but now I'm starving.

Why can't he come in the kitchen? You mean you don't like him crawling in the dishwasher and stuff like Faith and Nate do?

Anne said...

HAH! I feel the same way about Robin and double for RachelRay except I can't even watch RR anymore. ew. Your description of Travis interfering in the kitchen reminded me of Emma doing the exact same thing. It just kind of ruins an otherwise pleasurable experience! Take heart...he'll get better. Emma did. mostly.

Stacy said...

I'm new to your site! And I'm digging the menu! Sure beats the stuff I "heat up" all the time!