Monday, January 22, 2007

Some Disassembly Required....

I'm holding my breath..... Travis threw up twice yesterday, and has been filling diapers with especially fetid material at an increased rate. He has been a little more poopy than normal for the last couple of days... but that happens, sometimes for no explicable reason. But, yesterday - early afternoon - after a lovely brunch out with my dad... He threw up his Mickey-shaped pancake and sausage all over the backseat. Yeah. Lovely.

Luckily, most of it was contained by his car seat. Unluckily, those bastards that make the Eddie Bauer car seat we have made it damn near IMPOSSIBLE to remove the carseat cover in order to launder it. Meaning? The harness straps needed to be completely unthreaded, and much wrestling and swearing ensued trying to take the damn thing apart.

AND the straps are not removable... which means I was Googling "how to remove vomit smell from carseats" at 7:30 last night. And taking a special drive to Whole Foods shortly thereafter for BacOut, and Green Mountain Gringo Salsa. (They work separately, not together!) ;)

So, I poured that Bac-out all over the straps, and let it soak in. It worked!!! Now it smells a LOT less like barf. YAY!

Don't even get me started on re-assembling the damn thing. Ugh.

Anyway... no barf yet today. Sigh. It looks like The Wiggles will be on in an endless loop today. Hooray!
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Anonymous said...

*hugz* My daughter is coming down with something like that (she's in the poopy stage)....Ugh!

Anne said...

ugh. I hear there is a lot of GI tract stuff going around here as well. :( Hope he is way better today; the 24 hour flus are so much better than the ones that hang out awhile. I'm not sure your carseat is a lot different from our Britax. We always have to unthread the straps and hooks and blablabla in order to launder the cover. It is hellish.

Mama C-ta said...

Man, we had that and it was NOT fun! HOpe he's all better now!

Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, I hope y'all are doing much better now. Sounds horrid!