Thursday, January 04, 2007

13 Things to (Hopefully) Keep Me Sane...

13 Things to (Hopefully) Keep Me Sane...

While It Pours Rain all day long... and I'm stuck inside with a toddler!!!!

Edited: 3:50pm

    1.Play-doh extravaganza!
    2. Choo-choo train table madness! Re-configure the track, and let him go nuts!
    3. Fingerpainting masterpieces!
    4. Make a dance playlist in iTunes and video Travis shaking his booty!
    5. Bake some whole wheat bread, using my Kitchenaid dough hook, and not my breadmaker. Not happenin' can't find a recipe without SOME AP flour, butter, or sugar... ALL no-nos right now on my diet. Bleh....
    6. Let Travis play on the computer.,, More like.... let Travis watch an embarrassing amount of The Wiggles on TiVo.
    7. Work on knitting my very first gauge swatch while Travis (hopefully) naps. DONE!!!
    8. Look through my new Circle Loom knitting books. DONE!
    9. Manicure. Ugh. Cuticles are SO dry! Nails look like crap!DONE!!! Beige shimmer. Nice cuticles! Thank you Sephora and Burt's Bees!!!(and MIL for the BB kit in my stocking!!)
    10. Set up pop-up tunnel in the living room
    11. Books, books, and more books.
    12. Blocks, balls, MegaBloks galore!
    13.If all else fails.... Drink wine.... lots of wine!!!!

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JohnH985 said...

Good luck.

My 13 is up.

amy said...

Great post i laughed a bit and i love your blog

Raggedy said...

lol What fun!
I just got finished picking up books that were used for stepping stones from the front door to the living room..haha
Have a wonderful day!

My TT is posted