Tuesday, January 02, 2007

107 in 2007 - My Overachieving Uberlist


1. CRAFT – Learn to knit. With needles!!!
2. CRAFT – Find some knitters to teach me!!
3. CRAFT – Knit a hat and matching scarf for myself by next winter.
4. CRAFT – Get some panels made for my Mei Tai Baby Zippy!

5. CRAFT – Do a digi-scrap layout every month.
6. CRAFT – Do something crafty with Travis at home once or twice a week.
7. CRAFT – Take Travis to Young at Art once a week when possible
8. CRAFT – Make salt-dough Christmas ornaments
9. CRAFT – Get away while Travis is hanging out with Daddy… and do one of those paint-your-own pottery project thingies at Synchronicity.
10. CRAFT – Find a storage solution for Travis’ crayons, markers, paint, play dough, cookie cutters, etc.
11. CRAFT – Decorate for Valentine’s, St. Patty’s, Easter, July 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Maybe find a seasonal tree?
12. CRAFT – Learn paper quilling
13. CRAFT – Learn how to fold something with origami.
14. CRAFT – Make Play-dough monthly. Get some more paste cake dyes for colors, or use Kool-aid.

15. CRAFT –????
16. CRAFT – ????

17. CRAFT – ????
18. FINANCIAL – Keep doing the meal plan/shopping lists before the grocery store.
19. FINANCIAL – Go to Starbucks less!

20. FINANCIAL – Use some of the extra money saved from coffee out to buy more YARN! ;)

21. FINANCIAL – Start getting coupons on eBay again for groceries.
22. FINANCIAL – Spend less, save more.
23. FINANCIAL – Throw all change into a jar for Coin Star. Do something fun with the $$.
24. FINANCIAL – Talk to our FA about the 529 account for Travis.
25. FINANCIAL – Continue to reduce our credit card debt.
26. FRIENDS – Make some new ones! Put yourself out there. Talk to people…. Take risks, and follow-through!! Give out those Mommy cards!
27. FRIENDS – Try to connect with those cool hipster military wives (the young-ish tattooed-pierced ones who KNIT and BAKE!)
28. FRIENDS – Start a birthday file… send cards – from now on.
29. FRIENDS – Playgroup once a week. (Tues?)
30. FRIENDS – Do a cookie exchange at Christmas

31. HEALTH – Do yoga and/or Pilates 3 times a week
32. HEALTH – Sonoma Diet get back on the wagon… get as close as possible to goal weight before getting pregnant again. (Need to lose 60-70 pounds)
33. HEALTH – More water!!! Less coffee!! Drink green tea!!!

34. HEALTH –Discovery Body Challenge
35. HEALTH –Walk with Travis every week day.
36. HEALTH – Take a kickboxing class at least once this year/ Take a yoga class
37. HEALTH – Make hubby’s lunch at least once a week.

38. HEALTH – Make sure everyone takes their vitamins each day. (Me too!!)
39. HEALTH –Visit the dentist.

40. HEALTH – Have a blood panel taken. Find out if blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. are normal.

41. HOME – Organize cabinets/ Organize closets

42. HOME – Set up Travis’ room.
43. HOME – Frame photos, hang up!
45. HOME – Bake something yummy and healthy once a week, when possible.

46. HOME – Bake bread once a week. Find a stellar whole wheat recipe.

47. HOME – Make the most of my limited kitchen space.

48. HOME – Become a better housekeeper. Really try and do FlyLady.

49. HOME – Get our DVD recorder repaired.
50. HOME – Herb Garden on porch
51. LOVE – More personal time with hubby.

52. LOVE – Flirt with my husband like we did when we were dating.

53. LOVE – Do something great for our 10th wedding anniversary in October!!

54. LOVE – Take video of Travis once a month, minimum.
55. LOVE – Find cool, free or inexpensive things to do as a family year-round.

56. LOVE – Romantic, candle-lit dinner at home for Valentine’s.

57. LOVE – More snuggles with hubby.

58. LOVE – Have lunch with hubby once a week. Fridays?

59. LOVE – Leave Travis with MIL once every month or two for a few hours so hubby and I can go on a date.
60. LOVE – Get up and watch the sunrise together at least once this year.

61. LOVE – Work on making Travis a big brother by 2008.
62. LOVE – Smile more. Say hello to strangers.

63. PERSONAL GROWTH – Learn some Spanish before Mexico trip.
64. PERSONAL GROWTH – Meditate daily…. Even for just 5-10 minutes.
65. PERSONAL GROWTH – Look into a photography class

66. PERSONAL GROWTH – Become less cynical. Little eyes are watching me.
67. PERSONAL GROWTH – Forgive my mother for anything lingering from our past. For good. For once and for all. Let go of it all. It’s time.

68. PERSONAL GROWTH – Go easier on myself. I am my own worst critic.

69. PERSONAL GROWTH – Continue to work on patience. It’s a daily challenge.
70. READING – Read a bedtime story to Travis every night.
71. READING – Read to Travis 15 minutes a day. Every Day.
72. READING – Get a library card.
73. READING – Take the time to actually read the magazines I subscribe to.
74. READING – Get a subscription to Real Simple.
75. READING – Read Heidi again. It was my favorite childhood book. I’ve read it dozens of times, just not for more than a dozen years.
76. READING – Start compiling list of favorite childhood books to buy for Travis. Get him a bookshelf for his room ASAP.
77. TRAVEL – Mexico in April!!!

78. TRAVEL - Do something big for 30th birthday
79. TRAVEL - Take a day trip. By myself. Try not to get lost!
80. TRAVEL – Visit my Grandma again this year.
81. TRAVEL – Visit Hearst Castle.
82. TRAVEL – Take Travis to Disneyland.

83. TRAVEL – Wine tasting & Napa overnight.
84. TRAVEL – Go to Alcatraz with the family. I’ve never been there!
85. VOLUNTEER – Find out about how to become a La Leche League leader.

86. VOLUNTEER – Operation Shoebox @ Christmas

87. WHIMSY – Find the perfect lipstick
88. WHIMSY – Wear makeup whenever possible.
89. WHIMSY – Take Travis to the park twice a week. Swing on the swing.
90. WHIMSY – Try a new recipe for the first time… then keep it in the rotation. Make a new favorite.
91. WHIMSY – Try a recipe from each of my cooking magazines each month.

92. WHIMSY – Use our new picnic basket at least once a month.

93. WHIMSY – Paint toenails more!

94. WHIMSY – Get all dolled up… for no reason at all! Take lots of pictures.
95. WHIMSY – Update my panty drawer.
96. WHIMSY – Wear earrings again.
97. WHIMSY – Update cosmetics.
98. WHIMSY – Sing more.
99. WHIMSY – Find new music for my iPod
100. WHIMSY – Parasail or Paraglide while on Vacation in Mexico.
101. WHIMSY – Get dressed up and go out for a Girl’s Night
102. WHIMSY - Get a massage, manicure, and pedicure this year.
103. WHIMSY – Learn how to make Crème Brulee. Buy a pastry torch!
104. WRITING – Start a paper journal. Find a nice one here.
105. WRITING – Get a nice stationary set. Write letters.

106. WRITING – Start making a monthly newsletter for Travis a la Dooce.
107. WRITING – Blog more.
EXTRA: Pierce something new (above the waist!) ;)

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Mandy said...

Love your list, I have a lot of similar goals. Our 10th anniversary is Oct too, Oct 26th. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Where in CA do you live? There a knitter (ME!) in the San Jose area who's always willing to teach a willing (and patient) student...and all for free! ;-) I'm always happy to meet new people and fellow crafters! Of course, I've got to birth this babe first...
annie_de at yahoo.com