Friday, December 01, 2006

Cautiously optimistic....

Well, after vomiting 6 times yesterday (yeah, I'm keeping count, so?) and more than that many diapers - am pleased to say (knocking on wood) that we've been vomit-free for almost 9 hours. Cross fingers!

He was doing so well, I mean no puke since like 10:00am. Jeff came home last night, and as I was in the middle of telling him the good news - HURL! Yep. More like dry heaving, but then he seemed fine.

I gave him some mashed potaoes for dinner, which he ate with gusto. (We had to make him slow down - he was so hungry from not eating all day.) And, then he asked to color in his Choo-choo (Thomas) coloring book and Jeff and I finished dinner. Not 5 minutes after leaving the table - HURL!

Damn it.

And then, a little while later (after nursing) and HURL! I mean, a LOT! Like, entirly over my shoulder, down my shirt and leg and bare feet.... necessitating a stripping off of all clothing an a 10:00pm shower for the both of us.

Last time was at 12:30 am.... and when he woke up at 6am loudly demanding "lala" (water) - I was filled with dread as I obliged. Carefully moderating how much he drank, in case it came right back up.

He watched the Wiggles, and some of that dumb Higglytown Heroes show, and fell back asleep. He's currently dozing on our bed. I'm listening to his sweet breath over the monitor.

I have already had coffee, and so far - today is already a better day than yesterday.
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Mama C-ta said...

Oh poor guy - I hope your day stays better!