Thursday, November 30, 2006

Pukey toddler.

The Boy woke up at 5:00am puking. Sigh. We changed our sheets, cleaned up, but he wouldn't go back to sleep. Then he threw up agin at like 7:00am. He took a short nap at around 7:30. But, he woke up right before he threw up again. All that was in his stomach was breastmilk, so, thankfully it wasn't much the last two times. The saddest thing, is that between heaves, he says "Okay... okay..." like, 'I want this to be over, okay??'

We think it was a quesadilla he had last night from our favorite burrito place. Or, the fact that he ate 2 yogurts for breakfast, and had 1/2 a kid's hot cocoa plus whipped cream in the afternoon, and a cheese quesadilla for dinner. But, it's most likely the quesadilla, since he's been sick multiple times. Poor little guy! :( Hopefully this will be short lived, and isolated to him.. Cause, seriously? I hate puking more than anything. I'd rather clean up puke all day, than be doing it myself.

He also had a FOUL diaper this morning.

Speaking of diaper, my nose detects another masterpiece is in the works. PU!!!!

Poor, poor, baby. :(
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