Monday, October 09, 2006


The Boy hurt himself today. It's not bad, thank goodness... He hit right below his eyebrow on the shelf in our living room. I think he just fell on a toy or something. It bled a tiny bit. I called our Pediatric group right after it happened. They are on my speed-dial! :) I was told to ice it. HA!!! That's a good one!! Of COURSE he'll allow that!!

It bled the tiniest amount. Like - not even two drops. And after the crying and nursing... I called Jeff at the office and had him pick up some Children's Motrin. He brought it home - and helped me administer it to a very pissed off kiddo.

He isn't any worse for wear though... just has a war wound. :(

What a little trooper. He handled it much better than I did. So, no ER visit, no stitches, just black and blue eye.

Of course, I took the obligatory photos of his shiner... and here they are.

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Anonymous said...

The 1st of many bumps and bruises for your little boy. Don't you know? That's what being a boy is all about! ;-)

Rachael said...

YWOUCH! Nice shinner TJ! Something must be in the air because Gavin fell not once, but twice. He hit the same spot on his head though LOL. Poor kiddos!

Anne said...

my kids tear up their faces like that so often I have lost count. the dr said something to me a long time ago that i've never forgotten. When it comes to head injuries so long as there is exterior swelling, don't worry. It is when there is no bump. That means the swelling is going the opposite direction and towards the brain. Glad he is okay!

Mama C-ta said...

Aww, little Bruiser.