Friday, October 13, 2006

On the road to recovery...

Well, Little Man's eye is getting better day by day. I've been giving him Arnica tablets. They seem to be helping.

It looked REALLY bad Wednesday... the whole thing was black and blue. :(

I've been getting (perceived, I'm sure) glares from people all week who are CERTAIN I beat my child.

Sigh. Like last night. We went to the store. I got some halloween makeup, and some beer. Newcastle, yummy! :)

So, I have him in the cart, and we're waiting to check out. This youngish-looking 20-something guy starts talking to him. "How are you doing?" He asks Travis. I say enthusiatically, "We're fine!" and smile. He looks at Travis,sees the black eye and says and says all sympathetically: "Oh, did you get hit in the eye, little guy?" I turn around and say "Yup, he sure hurt himself. This is better than how it looked before!"

I swear he's thinking. "Alcoholic beotch beats her kid!!" Maybe it's all in my head, maybe not?

Anyway... we're doing better.... Travis has an unhealthy addiction to Pirate's Booty. He calls it "P. Boo" and he asks for it all the time. This morning after his yogurt, he saw the bag on the counter.
"P. Boo?" He asked. Then, it was like a demand. "P. Boo! PEEEBOOOOO!!!!"

The Boy LOVES his P. Boo. ;)
So, I gave him some damned P.Boo. At 10:00am. Sue me.
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