Monday, October 30, 2006


Today is hubby and my 9th wedding anniversary! Can you believe it? He proposed to me in my senior year of high school, and we lived together for 3 years before we got married. We got married when I was 20 and he was 21. In Tahoe of all places... but that didn't stop me from gambling. Sorry, we eloped, so no cheese-ball then and now photos. Heh!

Anyway... Jeff is coming home from work soon... and I'm making a super-yummy dinner for us! :)

I am making Red Wine Risotto & Chicken breasts stuffed with Parmesan, Lemon, and breadcrumbs. For dessert we bought a pint of Hagen Daz Bailey's ice cream. Tip that off with some yummy watermelon-lemonaid martinis... and call it a night! ;)

Travis has been a bit of a toddler-monster when we go out to eat lately... so we're not even attempting the whole dinner out thing.

I did put on makeup (shocking!), and curl my hair with my super-rad new aquisition. I found at a Caruso Molecular hair setter at a thrift store last week for the bargain price of $3.99. I think it's from the early 90s... at least the super-cheeze photos inside lead me to believe that... but it works like a charm! Right now I have my curled hair pulled back into my usual non-descript mommy-do. A ponytail looped around in a sloppy bun. But when I take it out later... KAPOW! Super-sexy curls! So sneaky, aren't I?! Hey... gotta keep him guessing... here's to the next 9! :)
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holli said...

I hope you all had a fabulous anniversary - from the plans I can't imagine you didn't!!

And Happy Halloween!

Mama C-ta said...

Wow that's awesome! Highschool sweethearts and still going strong. Congrats!!