Monday, September 04, 2006

Weekend, lala

Yawn.... I've been up for an hour or so.... Jeff went into the office early. Hopefully, since it's a holiday for most people, he will get some good work done, and be home early this afternoon.

Friday I was able to fold our mountain of clean clothes. Seriously, it was a LOT! I also went through and purged old, worn socks, undies, shirts, etc. Also put the clean-yet-too-small stuff for Travis in boxes to take to storage.

Friday night we went out with my dad to dinner. Travis was pretty good. We tried putting him in a booster chair instead of a high chair for the first time. He seemed to like it, although her kept trying to stand up... Not being strapped in freaks me out.

Saturday we went to Jeff's Grandma's. For dinner and hang-out. It was nice, and we had a good time, watching Travis get into everything. He loves to open and close cabinets. I think he started to drive us all nuts opening the kitchen cupboards, and then letting them slam shut. Travis played with his Pooh Airplane ride-on and generally charmed the heck outta Great Grandma. :)

Yesterday I made a big breakfast, which was good, since my dad showed up. We had pancakes (from scratch!) eggs, and bacon. Then we finished our laundry, dishes, etc. We took the baby gate we bought last weekend that didn't work back to BRU, and got another one.

I decided we needed to put a gate up at the end of the hallway. Normally I'm anti-gate... but some weeks I can't get anything done, because Travis won't play in his room. Laundry is a huge issue. Usually we wait until the weekend, but then the entire complex is doing it at the same time. So, to be able to do it during the week, because I'm HOME, would rock. I plan on having Travis play in his room, and then take the baby monitor downstairs while I throw in the loads. Then he can come down with me when I put in it the dryer. It will be SO much easier.

Anyway... enough babbling... Travis is asking for "gogur" (yogurt.) So, going to give him some now.
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