Monday, September 25, 2006

To Grandmother's house We Came!

So, we're back from Grandma's house. We got back late Friday afternoon. Did ya miss me? ;)

The 5-some hour train ride each way wasn't too bad. Jeff had the brillant idea of getting a portable DVD player. YAY! So, Travis was mostly content to watch The Backyardigans, Mickey, Baby Einstein. Then he tried to push every button, turn every knob, pace the isles, and all of that other toddler stuff the duration of the trip.

It was really great to see my Grandma. (She's Oma to Travis.)
Before this, the last time we saw her was at the Reunion in Wyoming last summer. She had a good time hanging out and watching her 12th great-grand tear up her house. :)

My mom was on her best behavior, and the trip was pleasant. Even, I dare to say... enjoyable!! 4 Generations... how crazy!

For a college town, Davis is really not that big... and there's not a lot to do, but it was still nice.

We went to the new Ikea in West Sacramento. That was fun! My mom who had never been to Ikea (the horror!)didn't understand my excitement. But after experiencing its wonder, she is now a convert - and sings its Scandinavian praises!

Travis and I both missed Jeff a lot. I called him 2-3 times a day oon speakerphone so Travis could hear him and babble back at him.

For the entire weekend back, Travis wouldn't let Dada out of his sight. He was SO protective of him. How sweet!

So, this weekend we stayed close to home.... did laundry, cleaned house.... We took Travis to the Aquarium yesterday so he could see the Great White Shark. It was nice, and now we're re-adjusting to being back home.

After all, there's no place like it anywhere.
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