Monday, September 25, 2006

Motherhood cracks my ass up!

I woke up to that familiar feeling today... I knew it was coming... I can set my watch by it. My period. Yay! LOL. Not yay - like PARTAY YAY! But, YAY! as in you know.... get it over with, minor inconvenience.... get on with the rest of my month.

So, I was going to the bathroom today. I was sitting on the toilet, unwrapping a Super-mega-mega tampon, when the door swung open and Travis walked in.

Privacy you ask? That's a good one!!

He took one look at the plastic-wrapped thing in my hand and smiled broadly. "Cheese!!" He said. "Cheese!! Cheese!!"

Yup, he thought my 'pon was string cheese.

Can you tell that cheese is currently his favorite foodstuff?

Well, at least he got the string part right. LOL! :)
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holli said...

PFTZ!! That is too funny. Faith just looked at me one time and said "boo boo?" Uh - yeah.. but she'll learn that soon enough.

fun fun fun!

Mrs. Flinger said...


Awesome Travis!

Anne said...

hilarious! Altho the notion of string cheese up there is, yeah, not so appetizing. Your post reminds me of Emma helping me in the morning by pulling out a mini-pad and setting it on the counter. She knows my routine, sadly.

Rachael said...

Okay I laughed my ass off! Especially at the super Mega Mega part lOL! Cause that is so the story of my life.
Travis souinds like he is doing so well with his speech too! Go TJ!