Monday, August 07, 2006

Sick baby boy... :(

Well, our streak is over. Travis officially has his first stomache flu.
Poor baby. He woke up at 7:00 am crying, half asleep, not wanting to nurse. I got uut of bed with him, and then he threw up. Aww....

The good news is, we were out of town at the Il's this weekend. (Another in-depth post about our great weekend will follow, complete with pictures.) :)
Since we got home late last night, Travis was tired, and cranky, and fell asleep without eating dinner... only nursing. So, only milky-barf is FAR better than toddler-food-barf. Ick.

We'd done something we normally never do, and put him to bed with us in just his diaper. So, another plus. He threw up on me, and I was naked. So was he. Easy to clean up! Anyway, he nursed again, and threw up immediately.

He didn't want food, or water, only to nurse. And, even though I knew he'd just throw up again, I let him nurse to his heart's content.

He's been a cuddle-sweet-bunny-boy today. All he's wanted to do is cuddle, snuggle, nurse.

I got him to eat a tiny bit today. (1/2 a Yob Baby yogurt, and some Veggie Booty)

Thankfully, it stayed down. Also, he drank some water, which relieves me. I've had a million glasses today, trying to keep up with the constant nursing.

He's finally started peeing, which also relieves me. And, he hasn't thrown up for several hours! Yay!! But, now, he's got runny poop, which sucks.

I don't know what caused it, and it really doesn't matter, I guess.... the important thing is he's starting to feel a bit better. And that makes me happy, too!
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