Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Monkey says!

Yay! Travis is finally napping!

We went to the park with some Mommies from our Mom's Group for a few hours. Travis ran around everywhere, and just had a blast!

I got a workout in, too, chasing him around - so doubly good!

He's getting a bit better on his talking. I have been working on "nose" "ears" "eyes" and "toes" with him all week. He will point to his nose and say "no" and then to his ear and say "eye". LOL! He knows what toes are, he says "toe" a lot. He went up to the statue of Dennis the Menace at the park, and pointed to his toes and said "toe!" Cute. Probably to soon to worry, but I'll do it anyway... he doesn't seem to be able to say "s" or "d" at the end of a word yet.

But he says "yeah!" and "No!" and "OK" and something that kind of sounds like "yogurt" but it's all jumbled up.

He uses speech and signs together a lot of the time. He says "bir" for bird, and also does the sign at the same time. He always makes a certain sound "dooodoodooo" as he's doing his sign for elephant, and Butterfly is "buh buh buh" while he opens and closes his hands. Whenever he sees a Starbucks or a McD's he kinda whispers "yeahyeahyeahyeah" and does the eating sign.

Water is "LALA!" and he calls the lake, the bath, the flushing toilet, and the ocean all "LALA!" He says it over and over "LALA LAAALAAA LAAALAAAAA!" It's cute, but I keep correcting him on the right way to say water. He'll say "lala" and I'll hand him his sippy straw cup and say "Do you want some WATER, Travis?" And he'll go "Yeahh!"

So we have, "mama", "dada" "uh oh", "outsye" (for outside, "bubba" (for bye bye, and also for BUBBLE), "ca" for car, "ba!" (for ball or balloon) "tercoo" (for circle) "taaa" (for star) "appuh" (apple), "nana" (banana), "tru" (for truck), "lala", "Dickey" (for Mickey or, to my chagrin... for his penis), sock, shoe, pasta, cooka (for cookie) cracker, chee (for cheese), yeah, no, "bir" (bird), "OK!", "Grapa" for Grandpa, baby,"gur" (for girl), "dog-uh" for dog, or "rururu" (as the sound a dog makes), "turta!" (for turtle) "teetee" for thank you, "ssshh" (for fish) "osha" (for ocean, and only when prompted), "Boomfoo" for Zoboomafoo (one of his favorite tv shows) eye, and toe. Also tons of signs.

I have worried a bit about his speech, because I've heard that kids 18-21 months should be using like 5-10 new words a DAY! And combining words, too. And, well, we're nowhere near that... so I worry. But, here we are, and now he's at 30+ words and signs. Also, I'm a paranoid first-time mom... so you know how that goes... But, I guess it's just like all milestones, they do it when they're good and ready, and not a moment sooner.
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holli said...

eh - I don't think those books are right. Faith didn't speak at all for awhile, now she talks like a miniature adult sometimes.

Never fear - it sounds like he's doing great!!

Rachael said...

He is doing so awesome. It actually makes me a tad bit jealous. I wish Gavin would start talking damn'it!