Monday, July 24, 2006


It's Monday! :) This weekend was nice, yet not terribly exciting. A lot of hanging out, kicking back as a cute little family... that was nice. :)

We went out to dinner with my dad on Friday @ Chili's. It was great, except for the part where Travis bitched and moaned, and cried. THE. ENTIRE. TIME. You would be correct in assuming I had a big-ass margarita to compensate.

Travis pulled that waking up at 4 am crap Saturday night (Sunday morning). Jeff got up with him, but I couldn't sleep, and took over, so at least one of us could rest. We watched some Tivo, and I messed around with some digi-scrapping. We finally went back to bed at 6:00 and slept until almost 9:30. Yay! I was really tired and a little cranky yesterday morning from that... but after a nice big breakfast, Italian omlettes with spinach, sausage, and english muffins - and lots of coffee... it was behind me.

We just vegged at home, did laundry, and my dad came over for a few hours. Then, around 4:30, we went out for a beach drive, and went to Asilomar Beach and let Travis run around. He sat down in the ocean, and got soaked! Cute boy!

Then, we came home, and after Jeff & The Boy showered. We had wine... and I made Red Wine Risotto, and Ritz Cracker chicken with canned green beans. How chic, and trashy, huh? ;)

Travis wouldn't touch any of it, although last time I made the risotto he loved it. Backup plan was Annie's White Cheddar shells with a jar of Gerber sweet potaoes & corn mixed in. He gobbled it up! I am so sneaky like that! heh.

Today is not as hot, and when Travis wakes up from his nap, I am getting us in the car, and taking a walk with him in the jogger. Going in search of lunch. Mmm... leftover risotto!
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Rachael said...

Gavin won't touch anything I make for dinner. He will bitch until i give him mac and cheese or ramen noodles. He is such a white trailer trash eater.