Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stuffy & Fluffy!

The 4th was nice... we hung out with friends, and watched the fireworks on the beach. Travis was terrified at first, but reluctantly came around 10 minutes or so into it. I had to cover his ears, cause the BOOM was freaking him out.

In other news, Jeff and I have a crappy head cold. It seriously sucks. My nose is all chapped, and I feel like my head might explode at any moment.

Monday, we got our visit from the cloth diaper service. We like it so far. He hasn't had a poop in them yet, so we'll see. I'm waiting for my Snappis to come in, and hopefully that will help with the drooping. :) My covers I ordered came in Monday, so that was great timing! I got a couple of Proraps, and a cool WAHM black one with fleece lining and cute recing flag tabs. That one's my favorite so far. So, I'm bidding on some Bummis covers on eBay right noww, and trying to restrain myself from ordering any more from But I think these will win out in the end! ;)

Here are some cute cloth booty pics from this morning!

He was transfixed by Zoboomafoo. He actually tries to say it now. It comes out like "boomfoo" CUTE! :)
I made Travis Mickey ("dickey") pancakes this morning. It's ALL about the mouse these days!! Obsess much? I made the wholegrain mix I buy in the bulk section @ Whole Paycheck. Then I put it into a squeeze bottle, and drew a Mickey head. I also did some "T" letter pancakes too. He loved them! :)
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Mama C-ta said...

I have a few bummis covers and liked them but I can't do the cover thing now, it's hard enough to get one diaper on Julian. I stick w/pockets or AIO's.

Rachael said...

Girl you are so brave with the Cloth diapering. I am such a lazy person I could never do it. Although I love how little ones look in them. And damn the styles are soooo cute. But still we stick with our cheapy disposables.