Friday, June 30, 2006

Fluffy Butt!

Well, I'm a lot late in the game, but I'm going to start transitioning to cloth diapers for the most part, starting Monday. I had every intention of CDing Travis' butt from the beginning... I researched all the CD sites before and during my pregnancy. I learned all about the intricities of AIO vs. fitteds vs. pockets. All about wool, hemp... soakers, doublers, covers, you name it. I was planning on going the whole buying our own cloth stash route... as an investment. You know, to have them for Travis - as well as for any future crumb cruncher(s) we may have. but then we moved into an apartment with no laundry of our own... and the cloth delivery service was VERY pricy for the amount of diapes we'd need for a breastfed newborn.

Besides, disposables are so convienient! And Costco used to have HUGE boxes of Pampers Cuisers for cheap. But, then, they stopped carrying the Cruisers, and I HATE Huggies. So now we're stuck we're buying the smaller (more expensive) packages of the size 5 Cruisers. Also, it's about that time... the time to start potty-teaching. Yup.

We bought a potty a few weeks ago. It's in the bathroom - and Travis likes to play with it while I'm peeing. I want him to be able to "feel" when he's wet... hopefully the cloth will be helpful in the transition to the potty. The service is only about $10 a week for 30 cloth diapers. I think that's reasonable. I still plan to use disposables overnight, and when we go out of town... cause I'm not all about toting the poopy diapers back home. But when we're just hanging out close home? He's gonna be sporting that fluffy cloth butt! :)
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Anne said...

wow. i admire people wh ogo to cloth. I'm way too lazy to deal with it. you rule.

Mama C-ta said...

Oh that's great!! Sorry so late on this but yay for cloth! Are those fuzzibunz he's wearing? My faves are now Happy Heiny's b/c they are just like Fuzzibunz but velcro. That is until Julian learns how to take them off. And $10 seems reasonable to me too although that's still more than I have right now :(