Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Self-improvement time!

Woohoo! Another day of SUN! :) So, I had gone and decided to take some classes at the community college, or Adult schools this session (summer). I fugured, you know, something light, fun, and a perfect chance to get me out of the house in the evening a couple of days a week. Photography, cake-decortating, yoga, something? Hmm. But, as I perused the catalogue of courses, I was saddened to find not ONE class started before 10am on a weekday... or before 5:30 in the evening. Bleh. But, not all is lost. I remembered that I live within a stone's throw of a dance studio, where bellydance is offered. I started bellydance up a long while back, with a friend from my old job. We went for probably 6 months, or so. I really enjoyed it. So, I'm going to start tomorrow. They offer a free intro class (since I will most likely be starting from zero again)and I'll take it from there. It will be good. It'll give me time away, and Jeff some nice 1-on-1 time with The Boy.

Frankly, though... the thought of baring my still very jiggly, stretch-marked mid-section terrifies me.
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jjbear said...

Why on earth would that terrify you? The truly scary thing would be if I took up belly dancing.

Mama C-ta said...

How fun, that's on my "learn to do before I die" list!

Anne said...

I looked into taking classes too but am resigned to the fact that photography schooling will have to wait until the girls are in school. you'd think the community colleges would be interested in tapping the SAHM pool but eff them.
Bellydancing would be AWESOME! You go!

Rachael said...

You go girl! I would love to take a belly dancing class. But I am like 70lbs over weight and no one wants to see that HA!