Thursday, February 23, 2006

Double Trouble!

I unexpectedly found myself babysitting for DH's biz partner's rugrat this morning. He is 1 1/2 months younger than Travis, but 80 times crazier... He has a 6 year old brother, so go figure. The kid was running all over my apartment, and causing all kinds of trouble.

I had already planned to take Travis to 123, Sing With Me, so I brought them both. Wow. The logistics of that are baffling. Load Travis into sling, hold Andrew's hand while locking our front door. Did I mention the 2 diaperbags over my shoulder? Keep Andrew from falling down 15 stairs in the process. Then, hoist Andrew up on opposite hip from Travis, and walk down aforementioned Perilous 15 Stairs. Then, put A down at the carport, and keep him from wandering off while I unlock the car, and open the door. Strap A into carseat 3/4 of the way while Travis protests from the sling. Unlock other side of car, and wrangle Travis into his carseat. Close door, and conclude clicking last buckle on A's carseat. Whew!

The unload was exactly the same, only somewhat easier. Having them coralled in a safe area once we got to the class was nice... but wow... twins would suck! I would much rather do a toddler/newborn combo over 2 toddlers, any day. Those of you that deal with this very dynamic daily... well you have my undying respect!
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Rachael said...

Tha twas just a sad glimpse into the very near future for me...YIKES!