Monday, February 27, 2006

Crappy. (heh)

Went to the Doc this morning at 8:00 am... he thinks we have some sort of virus... The Boy is doing a little better than myself, though... he prescribed something for me for the Persistent Frequent Liquidity... but the pharmacy wasn't open yet... we'll go back out after Travis' nap. I'm going to attack our bathroom with a bleach bomb once this is all over... yikes!

I have lost nearly 4 pounds in 1 day. I am sure I'll gain it back once I start, you know, eating again... but wow, it was nice to see that lower number on the scale even though, obviously, I would rather it be from the dieting and not the bathrooming. Bleh.

Also, I need to throw all our bedding in the wash soon... can't be good, germy infested stuff.

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Mrs. Flinger said...

Oh, no, the virus is the worst!! I hope you get better soon and even if you lose four pounds from the.. you know.. at least there's 58 lost that ain't comin' back. That's awesome!!

Rachael said...

Oh girl I hope you are feeling better soon. Although the weight loss is a plus!
I had the stomach flu for almsot 2 weeks in September. I lost so much weight, it was great! HA!